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March 01, 2022

How To Reset Your Bowling Green Home System

One perk of having your security system hooked up by trained experts is that you hardly ever need to worry about it. With that being said, there could be times where you must reset your alarms in Bowling Green. When using a smart command panel, a reset normally takes a few minor tap of a button after a false alarm, power outage, or battery change.

Read The Instruction Manual Before Attempting An Alarm Reset

One note of caution before you try to reset your Bowling Green home security system, read your owner’s manual first. You wouldn’t want to damage your system as a result of touching something incorrectly. Additionally, the process might have changed if you upgraded from a numerical keypad to a modernized touchscreen interface. If there’s ever a time when you’re unable to figure out how to reset your system, don't worry as you can always contact your trusted security specialists.

Resetting Your Bowling Green Home Security System Due To A False Alarm

Generally, a false alarm happens as a result of the accidental tripping of a sensor. You can use the control panel or access the ADT mobile app and hit the shield icon and submit your security code to switch off the alarms in these situations. You might receive notification from your monitoring professionals, but just let them know you experienced a false alarm.

Tips To Reset Your Alarm After A Power Outage In Bowling Green

If the power goes out due to a storm or other event, you might start to hear a steady beep from your central command hub. That indicates that your security is being powered by the battery backup. To reset your unit and stop the steady beeps, you must take steps to disarm and rearm your security.

But please note, if you lose power for an extended time, you might need a complete reset of your system. Heed the directives in your user’s handbook -- normally by putting in your PIN number and hitting the on/off button twice -- and you should be back in business. You might keep hearing chirps from the backup power, as it’s possible it won’t cease until your battery is fully charged. Call your home security agent if you continue to have problems with your ADT controls at least 20 hours after the power is resumed.

How To Reset Your Home Security System After Changing A Battery

Occasionally you will have to switch out a battery powering one of your home security components. In order to accomplish this, you should change your home’s defense to "Test Mode" so you prevent setting off an alarm by accident. When the new battery is put in place, remove the system out of "Test Mode" and resume your usual settings. If the system is unable to recognize the component or the battery indicator is still on, you may need a full reset of your security system.

Tips to Reset Your Bowling Green Security System After Adding Or Deleting Someone

Removing or adding users can be done on your ADT Command interface and the ADT Control mobile app. You won’t have to perform a resetting of your system after adding or removing a user or code. With that being said, if you relocate to a new home that already has an ADT system, you should reach out to your security specialists at (270) 262-8554 to start a new service. The technician will visit your property to switch out components, install other alarms or cameras (as required), and do a factory reset.

A Well-Designed Security System Is Only A Call Away

Attempting to reset a home security system in Bowling Green is frustrating if it fails to include understandable devices and controls. If the time has come to find your functional and powerful home security system, call (270) 262-8554 or send in the form below. Our team is pleased to design the ideal security system for your property.