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March 01, 2022

Should You Invest In A Security System In Your Safe Neighborhood In Bowling Green?

At long last, you managed to find the house of your dreams in a wonderful location. It’s known for being an ideal family spot with practically zero crime to report. But, is it necessary to install a security system in your Bowling Green safe neighborhood?

Even though the crime rate in your area may be less than other places, it is never zero, and burglars often don’t live in the same community. There are also a couple of surprising perks to equipping your home with a smart security system that will benefit you more than you’d think! Check out the reasons why you ought to install a home security system for your safe neighborhood in Bowling Green.

Dissuasion Is Your Smartest Approach To Thwart Safe Neighborhood Break-Ins In Bowling Green

The greatest advantage of a comprehensive residential security system isn’t halting an invasion when it is going on. It’s helping make certain it doesn’t transpire at all. As reported by the Electronic Security Association, practically 90% of thieves noted that if they saw a home security system on the premises, they would not attempt a break-in at that home. So display your home protection signs and window decals and install a video doorbell, and burglars will know to go somewhere else. By turning your home into a higher risk option for would-be criminals, you’re going a long way to keeping your family and belongings safe and sound.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Home is Protected When You Leave on Vacation

Unfortunately, our bustling daily lives often don’t allow us to keep a spare eye on our residences. Luckily, your modern home security package features around-the-clock monitoring, which means trained specialists will constantly be keeping watch of your house. That’s reassuring whenever you’re around, but even more beneficial if you’re on vacation.

Use your ADT Contrl app to review live video from your surveillance systems. Or inspect the state of your other devices. Get warnings to your cell phone if they sense any unusual activity. You will also get notifications regarding a flooded basement or fire, so you never walk into an unwelcome situation. Keep in mind, your monitoring specialists will also respond to any event which causes an alarm or sensor to trip. They can work alongside first responders in your stead and tie you in when appropriate.

Bowling Green Security Systems Safeguard Against More Than Just Intrusions

Your smart security system is a proven means for defending you against home invasions. With that being said, your installation can integrate with more than cameras and window sensors. For instance, smoke and CO alarms seamlessly integrate into your security network, providing your family a solid defense from different types of danger – and it’s all in one cohesive package! You can even consider high water sensors if you occupy a home with a basement or inhabit a flood zone.

If you want more, have the capability of smart home automation built into your system. Innovative smart lighting, thermostats, and locking devices can enhance your safety while reducing energy bills. Take command of your home remotely with a few simple touches of your finger, and set scenes that let your property be a lot more receptive to your daily routine. You could even pair your security and automation to an AI assistant like Alexa or Google.

Call For Your Smart Home Security System Today

The time is now to prevent safe neighborhood break-ins at your Bowling Green home. Your home security professional is ready to offer guidance on any questions you have about how to effectively defend your property to match your unique requirements. Reach out to (270) 262-8554 or submit the following form to start customizing your home security.